SD美国 | 瑞士队捧杯2017太阳能十项全能竞赛

2017太阳能十项全能竞赛今天在丹佛落下帷幕,美国能源效率和可持续能源部代理助理部长Daniel Simmons宣布了获奖名单。瑞士队在整个房屋设计、建造和运维过程中表现出超群实力,凭借着在建筑设计、工程设计、水源利用、舒适程度、居家生活、能耗控制等方面的完美表现赢得了最终的冠军。马里兰大学队紧随其后排名次席,加州伯克利-丹佛大学联队获得第三。




The jury for the Market Potential Contest noticed that the 1st place team excelled in understanding their target client and also the broader market around the client.

The jury said that this team exhibited an outstanding use of focus groups, in-home visitation, storyboards, and a sociolinguistic analysis used to identify and validate design attributes through interviews in their target market segment.

The jury noted the team’s reliance on market research ended up producing a beautiful and well-thought-out home that showcases its use of space and choice of rooms. The jury was impressed by the overall livability of the house in its environment. When they toured this spacious house with beautiful finishes, jurors simply wanted to move in. the attractive and livable framework could bring this house to bear a significant impact on the residential market.



The Engineering Contest jury noted that the 1st place team’s project demonstrates creative integration of architectural and engineering systems that are remarkably well done and impressive in their flexibility and performance. Jurors found the documentation and drawings to be top-notch and clear with excellent detailing and well-crafted drawings.

The jury believes the 1st place house in the engineering contest offers comprehensive performance modeling that sports clear graphs, detailed explanations and a variety of representations. The quality of the thermal envelope is exceptional and carefully calibrated to the target climate with very good resistance to heat flow, a solid focus on airtightness, and high quality components such as triple-glazed windows and sliding doors. Operable panels designed and fabricated by students are well detailed and clean in their execution. Custom made controls and monitoring are exemplary with good graphics and user-interface.

Overall, the jury noted that quality of the integrated systems, the well-crafted documentation, and the rigorous modeling, which is clearly presented and well-conceived in this first-place winning house.