Team YI

  • SO&CO House

For the consideration of the solar house design, we are determined to pursue a model that combining localization, traditional and modern technology, to explore the new “regional eco-houses”. During the long course of history, the traditional architectural culture embodies the living wisdom of Chinese people thousands of years, which can work with modern ecological concepts perfectly, and we are trying to attempt it in this program.

Geomancy distribution and ecology integration

Geomancy is an applied art which elaborates relationship between human and natural ecology. Orientation distribution and environment model is stressed in geomancy. In the concept of modern ecological residential planning, reasonable regulation of microclimate which is in the geomancy can create a comfortable living environment. In the overall layout, building, semi-outer space and outdoor environment are overall planned reasonably. At the same time, the eastern side of the base is covered mostly by shrub vegetation, in order to reduce heat radiation in summer and increase the oxygen content in the base. The four parts are interspersed with each other to form a good ecological organism according to the geomancy.

The traditional form and layout

In Chinese traditional architecture, the courtyard is a unique architectural form, we also try starting from the courtyard layout, to form the advantages of traditional architectural innovation, using modern techniques and living mode into the new building form, to create Chinese in line with the new residential model and experience. The overall plan of the building is enclosed courtyard mode, inheriting the Chinese traditional residential “four water return hall” space characteristics Atrium natural landscape, and the eastern side of the body to open, the external landscape and the atrium scene echoed. On the north side of the main building is divided into two layers, one layer is formed on the south side of the entrance, the north south high low China traditional architectural form characteristics.

Building Function and Ecological Node

The second floor of the north side and the first floor of the south, which are combined as a single slope roof, to maximize the area required providing solar panels; architectural function of the body is a simple “L” type Reduce the building of the form factor, reduce heat consumption. The equipment space is set on the west side of the floor. The west side gable and the north side wall, in the case of meeting the ventilation requirements, to maximize the reduction of the window area. In places where there are regular activities or open space, such as porch, corridor, outdoor tea room and other locations were set up shade blinds and awning, in order to achieve the purpose of shading the radiation.