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The XJTU-WNEU solar house is designed to bring affordable, energy-efficient homes to rural areas of China. We integrate modern solar and building technologies with traditional Chinese architecture designs. The solar system is designed to work seamlessly in the background with little maintenance. There are two floors with four bedrooms in this house, which is suited for a family of six that includes a couple with two children and two elders. The bedrooms are strategically placed so that maximum privacy is given to the couple and minimum mobility is needed for the elders. A water garden links the bedroom and the sunlight, so occupants can enjoy the warmth of the sun even in the cold winter. The living room and master bedroom are also lighted directly from the sun. The heat preservation effect of the winter garden can reduce the overall heating energy consumption in winter. The roof adopts traditional Chinese roof design in rural areas, which is conducive to drainage. The building roof is inclined to the central courtyard, so the rainwater can be collected and reused for landscaping applications.