• C-house

In our concept, the word C stands for a concise two-floor Cube house and a technical Core.

The Cube shape can make our house to be a compact volume, and give it an impressive appearance and can fit to different circumstances. The Core is the heart of the C-house, which accommodates all the primary functions and building services. According to this, we place the core, which will be a prefabricated piece and integrate all the equipment and pipes, in the central to solve all the technical requirements.

Due to this feature, we have got a free floating space on the ground floor and the function is defined clearly because of the core. Meanwhile, we have three rooms on the second floor which can be adjusted to a sharing space or bedroom. Furthermore, we park the electric car into our house and make it as an exciting exhibition of our house.

The construction is based on the frame steel structure, which is the patent of our team. It has the advantage of modular prefabricated, rapid assembly and repeatedly disassembling more than 100 times. The steel structure is flexible and gives us possibilities to fit different layouts around the core.