Our team is composed of students and tutors from Tongji University and Technische Universität Darmstadt. We hope to combine the design, technology, and market of China and Germany through this project of the EnergyPLUS Home 4.0. The goal of the project should be more than a single house. We regard this competition as a platform which contains the opportunity to involve solar and energy-saving technology, and to do real good things to the status quo of Chinese housing issues, by showcasing what a comfort and sustainable living space should be.



  • EnergyPLUS Home 4.0

Design Philosophy

The EnergyPLUS Home 4.0 is based on not only a one family house, but the concept to fit a unit of an apartment building for the Chinese market status quo. We designed the floorplans closed on west and east sides, and opened on north and south sides, to remain the prototype the possibility to join several homes into one amalgamated dwelling. However, the one we are going to show on site would be a single unit for a family with two parents and 1-2 children as an example.

Beyond the north and south facades which already have perfect thermal performance, there are two buffer zones added to make the home perform better both technically and architecturally. The zones could act as climate buffer layers in cold winter and even winter gardens when there is comfortable sunshine. In summer, the windows could be open, and then ceilings on south buffer zone turn to be sun-shading panels. In transfer seasons, people could directly go out and sitting, reading, or enjoying their coffee on the balconies, then the zones would be additional space just to enlarge the room area.

Besides the buffer zones which could be built on site, the main part structure would be made of 12 prefabricated steel boxes, let the function even more flexible and the whole construction process more sustainable. Please feel free to explore the pleasant, integral, and modular space on the two floors.


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