Team Solar Offspring

As the representative of the HNU, solar offspring will design a REAL House using solar energy as the only source of energy. The idea “R. E. A. L.” means respiring, ecological, alive and flexible. Herein, we ‘d like to provide a commodious and outlying shelter for the citizens aged between 50-65 who have gotten sufficient time and asset. REAL House provides an approach to the nature and the dwellers’ inner peace, expecting to show the real pursuit in life.

The light-steeled REAL House with a sloping roof consists of the “shell” outside and several “boxes” inside. To make the little prefabricated villa breathing on its own, we need to realize the organic integration of natural ventilation and radiant plate with new wind system, along with the open-closed states of the “shell” according to the seasons. Besides, the whole building structure is planned to paint white with the light colored wood “boxes”, which aims at providing a comfortable space for our dwellers as well.



  • R.E.A.L House

Design Philosophy

On behalf of Hunan University, Team Solar Offspring will design the R.E.A.L House which uses solar power as the only energy source. We hope to solve the energy crisis and the aging problem. The concept of our design is “real” and we plan to build an senior housing. The word “real” represents four ideas — respiring, ecological, smart and flexible, corresponding to our four core technologies — Central Ventilation System, Solar System, Smart House and Variable Modular Building. The indoor tonal basically uses the iced coffee color, which can be either warm or cool with the yellow and white against each other, leaving people endlessly classic and agreeable aftertaste. As for the space design, we intersperse light brown with wine red in the hope that it can create an elegant and delicate feeling of life. In order to make the elderly feel ease and closeness, we choose the furniture with rounded corner, natural sense and flexible function.


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