Team SJTUIUC is a joint team composed of SJTU and UIUC. The team is very competitive, with a professional consultant and instructor team from both schools and other related institutions. According to the different segments of the house, the team contains 10 departments including design and management parts, with undergraduates and graduates of different professional backgrounds, such as Architecture, Civil Engineering, Gardening, Mechanical, Renewable Energy, HVAC, Electrical, and Law. Till now, the team has set up a green building and Intelligent Energy Association in SJTU.

What we are striving to bring out is a pilot model of the future solar-powered energy-saving house with smart appliances for Beautiful Rural Construction. The conflict between the traditional design ideas of Jiangnan folk houses and the modern elements of the latest emerging technologies makes the design remarkable and showcases a novel concept for the future architecture design.



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Design Philosophy

Team SJTUIUC target is mainly focused on “The left-behind families” in Chinese villages upon the background of rapid urbanization. Under the policy of China’s new rural construction, our objective is to solve those social problems which are highlighted in rural areas, such as low-income farmers, left-behind children, empty nesters and idle houses, etc. Beyond of that, we also strive to provide solutions for better ecological rural tourism and the new urbanization community.

Based on our detailed and persuasive market research, we defined our direction of market promotion. We put Dezhou’s villages as prototypes, set the goal of exploring the future ways of living and the status of new countryside and try to solve the widespread problems in rural areas: The Cyclical changes in the using way of rural house – “two generations” – “three generations” – “two generations”.

(“two generations” – Old people and children stay at home, young people go out to make a living, idle rooms can be used for accommodation; “three generations” – On harvest season or festivals, young people return and families reunion.)

Therefore, we put forward the concept of “V-bnb” as a solution to the cyclical change of house using way. “bnb” is the same as “b&b” which originally means bed and breakfast provided for people who need a convenient accommodation. Since “bnb” has become extensively popular in China, especially in rural area and has also become one kind of way for villagers to increase income under the policy of developing ecotourism village. Therefore, we choose the “bnb” as an idea and direction in the developing of our house. Regarding for “V”, it means three kinds of relationship of the house: it’s for Villagers (to increase income), it’s for Visiting (by neighbors or visitors, it’s a start point of turning the state of houses from completely private to semi private and semi public) and it’s for Vacation (for city people who need an ecotourism to experience the rural life).

This is our V-bnb.


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