Team SIE

Team SIE consists of a number of students and faculties from Shenyang Institute of Engineering. During the whole competition, students play the leading roles in all contest phases, while our faculties provide us the greatest support. As the tail of the post-90s, we are ” cool & reliable” as well as both full of dream and down to earth. After two years’ work, we stand here together and proudly present you the passionate Team SIE!

Design Philosophy

  • Smart Nest

The name of the model “Smart Nest” was inspired by the bird nests which are small but cozy. Most of the bird nests are made of twigs, grasses, feathers and mud. These materials, all from local places, are not only economical but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The bird’s nest can not only passively adapt to the nature, but also can actively adapt to the environment. Moreover, with only one exit, the level of insulation of the bird nests is highly improved. Hence, more energy is saved. Nature endowed everything with spirituality. It is our best mentor. The concept of our solar house “Smart Nest” is a subtle combination of nature and modern construction.

With elaborate design, Smart Nest takes full advantage of environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials to improve the heat insulation property of the house. Especially in winter, the heating supply of the house relies solely on clean solar energy. No any other auxiliary energies are needed. Furthermore, the simple, humanized design of Smart Nest sets a cozy, warm and mellow tone. On the other hand, the industrial-looking steel structure design embodies the industrial atmosphere in Northeast and brings out the masculine beauty of the house. The combination of softness and hardness, the inter-promoting and checking relation between Yin and Yang embody the beauty of balance while demonstrating the extensive and profound culture of China.

With “Family” as its core, Smart Nest helps address the issues of home-based care for the aged, children rearing and decompression of young couples at the same time. With a large target market, the diverse customer base of Smart Nest can be divided into three groups. For customers with high income, we offer private villa customization. For middle-income customers, we simplify the original design and lower the cost to the maximum possible extent with meeting customers’ underlying demands as premise. For the third customer group, reconstructions are carried out on the basis of the original in order to realize zero energy consumption and environmental friendliness. In addition, the long-time stability of our house is proven.

Taking its name from the nest of nature, with the supplement of modern science and technology, Smart Nest is bound to help us deal with the increasingly serious environmental pollution and bring every family a green and healthy lifestyle!


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