Team Shunya

Team SHUNYA where ‘SHUNYA’ in stands for ‘Sustainable Habitat for an Urbanizing Nation by its Young Aspirants’ is a multidisciplinary and multicultural team of impact-oriented students and professors with a vision – to build sustainable future for a happier and safer population. The aim is to build a house that is both energy efficient and aesthetic, to show the public and the industry that a high-performance solar house can be appealing and comfortable at the same time. This project will also introduce hybrid construction in the realms of Indian housing, diverging from the conventional building industry.

Design Philosophy

  • Project Solarise

Amaravati, the People’s capital of Andhra Pradesh, is envisioned to be a city at par with world-class standards, with a vision of increasing Andhra Pradesh’s, and India’s prominence in the world. Planning affordable and sustainable housing solutions and making them available will shape the city and its neighborhoods. At Amaravati we have opportunity to develop new housing typologies, lifestyle for future citizens by amalgamating our beliefs and ideologies with sustainable approach for healthy, environment friendly and improved living conditions.

Culture, Climate and Technology form the 3 main pillars of Project Solarise. The Indian culture has never been rigid and that’s why it has evolved and is still surviving with pride in the modern era as well. The project Solarise by Team Shunya will portray the Indian culture’s willingness to adapt, change and strive for improvement. For the modern Indians living in the city, Project Solarise will provide more living space and the modern facilities at disposal. Contemporary model in creating a smart housing community is inspired from learning from regional architectural designs. Throw in a bit of customization, urban farming and careful planning of the energy generation-consumption equation and you have a perfect recipe for healthy, sustainable and ecofriendly living.

As Amravati is a Greenfield project, it is a land of immense opportunities and unprecedented possibilities. Design focuses on providing housing with minimal reduction of existing green area. This is achieved by using vertical stacking and providing gardens at each level. These gardens can be used as balcony farms or patios. They would also provide natural shading thus decreasing the heat gain from sun and saving considerable amount of energy spent in cooling the house.

Based on four basic elements, viz., central service core, functional spaces, semi-open spaces and protective facade, each house is designed to provide optimal combination of functionality, accessibility, entertainment and security. A personalized veranda and wrapping envelope is designed to protect the structure from harsh sun rays and torrential rain. The buffer envelop will also help in keeping the interiors of the house cool. Windows and open-able fenestrations along with the use of jaali Architecture will provide for cross ventilation and maximum internal illumination, thus, saving electricity and energy—making Project Solarise an environment friendly and sustainable housing structure.

Project Solarise will be a model for urban housing planning in new cities like Amravati that are on the precipice of innovation. A sustainable housing model being essential to India, Team Shunya focuses on a fusion of ancient architectural principles that have been successfully implemented and new concepts that make human living more sustainable, healthy and eco-friendly. Addressing India’s urban housing demand and aspiration of young India, through Project Solarise Team Shunya will design an ideal house which would combine a uniform design template with room for interpretation so that each individual homeowner can make their home unique. Project Solarize focuses on providing comfort and convenience to owners at all stages of their lives. In this way, they will become long-term residents and plant their roots in the city  thus contributing to the city’s economy and wider cultural network of businesses, schools and government. This house would be a dream housing option for the people who eye long term solutions in energy efficiency and smart housing solutions. The house by the virtue of its modularity and adaptability would cater to a wide section of customers.


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