In 2016, South China University of Technology and Politecnico Di Torino formed joint team–SCUT-POLITO to take part in the latest Solar Decathlon of China competition. After two years of preparation, our team will attend the final on-site construction, testing and public display in August, 2018, De Zhou, Shandong Province, during which we will compete with teams world-wide.

In this competition, TEAM SCUT-POLITO focuses on city’s residential problem, providing a solution of low-rise high-density dwelling house based on bamboo houses, using developed technology to reduce energy consumption, creating a habitable environment, and advocating a model of city sustainable interpersonal communication.




Design Philosophy

Design Background

New generation has great housing demands and pursues new living style. However so many high-rise buildings can be found in most modern cities in order to satisfy the largest plot ratio, which has disrupted the living environment and done harm to harmonious neighborhood relationship. The consequences of it lead to tedious and indifferent living pattern which is contradictory to the demands of younger generation for high living quality.

Initial Inspiration

Conventional long and narrow residences which are popular in low-level but high density communities have advantages of accommodating mass of population and providing sufficient space for social communication, Thus they exist in many regions worldwide and bring vigor to such districts, such as bamboo house and tubular housing.

Design Concept

Team SCUT-POLITO aims to build a new model of long and narrow house “LONG PLAN” on the base of improving the living environment of old style long and narrow residence. On account of the concept of “serving” and “being served”, LONG PLAN proposes feasible and rational space partition leads in the idea of “integration”, which can closely combine serving facilities and assisting space to achieve a more comfortable and flexible free space.

Aim Orientation

LONG PLAN locates in young groups of new era such as makers, artists and designers who have creativity and action capability and constructs a dynamic and communal community from three aspects of energy, production and living, which will advocate the practice of the concept of “environmental protection”, “intelligent creation” and “sharing” to the new style of urban housing for young people.


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