Team JIA+

Team JIA+ consists of Xiamen University, Team Solar Bretagne and Shandong University, including more than 60 students and teachers who are from such majors as architecture design, engineering, interior design, electrical automation, energy and power engineering, economics and foreign language. In the summer of 2018, together we will go to Dezhou and win the competition!



  • Nature•Between

Design Philosophy

The topic of our architectural design is Nature•Between. On the one hand, it reflects the intention of creating a naturally friendly sense of living environment, by means of specific/organic building materials, sustainable architectural technology and equipment as well as architectural space that is close to nature. On the other hand, the base is supposed to be at a site in Xiamen’s old urban district. The grandparents are living in the old house part, northern of the site, while the young three-member-family are living in the newly built house. Through special design of the space between the old and new houses, we attempt to create more opportunities for their residents, the older and younger family, to communicate and share, which would enhance the family tie among the three generations. The mending of family gap among generations is also a guiding concept of the design.

Design highlights
  • 100% of the building energy consumption can be covered by solar energy.
  • 90% of the architectural materials are natural organic such as bamboo, wood and straw.
  • Partial 3D modular construction, with the prefabricate components being transported by flat truck and assembled at the construction site.
  • Entire intelligent control of architectural equipment, sunshade, skylight and home appliances.
  • Create of various natural space among artificial rooms in the form of gardens inside and outside, making connections between human and nature in different ways.
  • Pay close attention to the fixing of the gap among the three generations within old or new households from the aspect of spacial design.


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