Team HKU

  • S(L)OW House

The Team HKU concept is conceived as a new courtyard house prototype, where design elements are calibrated for climate-specific and people-oriented needs. In this way, the project serves as a much-needed design research application of adaptive, comfortable, and environmentally-responsive housing strategies for an ever-evolving rural China. The main timber structure is prefabbed to reduce construction period and uncertainty of untrained workers, while the enclosed wall is in-situ made to keep the regional identity. The yard is covered by a glazed operable roof. The operable panel is tilted up for ventilation in hot summer, and enclosed to serve as sunlight room in cold winter. The yard space is turned into a thermal buffering zone to mediate the temperature and reduce the energy consumption.

The project target at the increasing “new farmer” in China. People who are willing to escape from the aggravating city and embrace the rural will be the possible consumer of the house. With more and more families willing to have their own vacation homes, the market for the project is huge.