Team “CNBM-WIN” consists of Wuhan University of Technology (China) and New Jersey Institute of Technology (US). The team is exclusively sponsored by China National Building Materials International Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CNBM). The main team members are master/doctor students coming from the majors of Architecture, Structural Engineering, Water Supply & Drainage Science & Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, HVAC Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Computer Science & Technology, Civil Engineering Construction & Management, Engineering Management to Environment Art Design etc. The team currently has 6 instructors, 6 professional consultants, and 20 master/doctor students.


  • New Energy Smart House

Design Philosophy

Our project “New Energy Smart House” is inspired by the design concept of traditional Chinese “Sanheyuan” architectural style (a central building with two wings attached perpendicular to either side). It combines modern “energy-saving, healthy and comfortable” design concepts with advanced building materials and architectural design, providing a high-quality solution for Three-Generations family housing (three generations living under one roof) in China. A unique low-light-generation Cadmium Telluride thin film solar cell is selected as the solar energy system for our “New Energy Smart House” project to make all facades applicable as a venue for solar photovoltaic conversion, ensuring maximum energy supply to the building. Meanwhile, the building uses a large number of energy-saving glass. On the one hand, it can maximize the use of the natural daylight. On the other hand, a great amount of free solar energy lower the heating energy consumption during winter. In order to solve the problems of heating in winter and cooling in summer, an intelligent sunshade control system is engaged to modify the sunlight entering the building’s interior. Combining intelligent lighting control system, environmental health system and other sets of intelligent means, a complete energy-saving, intelligent building system is formed. The team’s work is mainly applicable to the sunny northeast and northwest regions of China, and can also be used in other sunny regions like North China and island areas etc.


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