TEAM BJTU-JOLYWOOD is an energetic team from Beijing Jiaotong University consists of more than 60 students and 20 teachers which covers 7 colleges and 10 majors. It is divided into design, publicity, management and construction management group, cooperate with each other for the competition.

Based on i-Yard 1.0 which finished in 2013 SDC by our team, TEAM BJTU developed the next generation of module house products called i-Yard 2.0, the design takes “Industrialization, Individuation and Intelligence” as the core strategy to deal with the problems of urban pension in China. TEAM BJTU will light up sustainable future with high technology and finish the competition with the best enthusiasm.



  • i-Yard 2.0

Design Philosophy

Environmental issues and aging problems bring us inspirations in this i-Yard 2.0 design. Escaping from cities and diving into the charming countryside, which exactly our concept is, can be a dream of so many senior citizens in China. Based on renewable energy like solar power, we create safe, comfortable and intelligent home for them when immersed in fresh air and fascinating scenery.

Multiple dimensions yards penetrate into the house, all essential living spaces are located in the first floor. Considering the desire to a convenient and comfortable life, we come up with the idea of “moving back line” that the moving routine is no need of backward.

Platforms and temporary spaces are on the second floor, which can satisfy demands such as entertainment and visiting from younger generation.

The “Green Core” provides seasonal scenery as well as passive strategies, for instance of ventilation and sunshine.

Having rest, doing exercise and plantation in the embrace of yard surrounded by steel-bamboo structure, isn’t it the future our parents always dream about?

  • Industrialization is the design foundation. So we choose prefabricated module, which is beneficial to market promotion, to pursue the advantages in transport, fast construction and energy conservation.
  • Customization is the design core. We pour love and care to optimize our design for different individuals. A variety of energy solutions including ecological yard is also taken into consideration.
  • Intelligence is the design highlight. Less is more. So we are going to present advanced energy saving technology in the simplest way to show the real meaning of smart life.

Family with independent house and yard. This future is coming soon.


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