Team | Team Brief of SDC XAUAT

SDC XAUAT, led by dean of College of Architecture, is constituted by students from the College of Architecture, School of Civil Engineering, School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering and School of Information and Control Engineering of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT), etc. Formed mainly by doctors, graduates and undergraduates, it has professors and associate professors as its advisers. With our persistent efforts and sincere cooperation, we are very honored to contribute our enthusiasm and devotion to this SDC.

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Team | Team SCUT-POLITO: Donut’s Experience of SDC

We have graduates, seniors of the fifth grade in college and junior students. In our workroom, some students are lowering their heads modeling, some are having fierce discussion, some are napping after staying up overnight…

This is us We are team SCUT-POLITO. During our preparation for SDC 2018, our thoughts, inspiration, passion and creation collided and generated a branch of sparks.

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SDC | The solar Dezhou town has begun to take shape

Solar Decathlon China (SDC), co-sponsored by United States Department of Energy and the National EnergyAdministration of China, will be held in Dezhou this time.SDC is considered as “the Olympics of the World’s Solar Industry”, Dezhou welcomes the historicevent with full sincerity. Solar town is now underconstruction in full swing. It will be completed by theend of July, 2017 on schedule.

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Team | Team From India — Team Shunya

From the gates of the premier engineering institute in India comes a team as diversified as the country it represents – Team Shunya from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB). Located in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, IITB is favorite destination for technical education for the students in the country. It follows without doubt that the competition to enter the hallowed gates is arduous as well with success rate hovering around one percent. Hence IITB serves as the hub of some of the brightest brains of the country. IIT Bombay is the only technical Institute in India having a Department of Energy Engineering, an interdisciplinary department where students are engaged to find alternate and cleaner sources of energy, manage the present energy resources better and formulate policies that show the way forward.

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Team | “Duo Pension House”– Team UNNC Alpha

Introduction of University

The University of Nottingham Ningbo is approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is the first Sino-foreign cooperative university founded by the University of Nottingham and Zhejiang Wanli College to set up the first high-quality teaching resources in China and has independent legal personality and independent campus. School by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, former president of Fudan University, Professor Yang Fujia served as president, Professor Lu Mingyan served as executive principal. According to Thames Higher Education and Shanghai Jiaotong University announced the authority of the list, University of Nottingham ranked one of the world’s top 100 colleges and universities.

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Team | Team Solar Offspring

In an introduction course of building environment, Zhang Guoqiang, the instructor of Team Hunan University said: “Building energy consumption accounts for nearly one-third of the total energy consumption of the society. If solar energy can be utilized in construction, the harmony between architecture and the nature will be enhanced significantly by saving resources and relieving the resources shortage.

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