News | The overview of the core field within competition site of SDC 2018 Dezhou

SDC committee visited the competition site in Dezhou on the 1st of November.

Firstly, let’s enjoy the bird’s eye view of the whole site.

The SDC site is stunning from each viewing angle.

It is still waiting for our team engineers to make the finish point.

What lay in front are our reception and cafeteria areas,

It would be filled with happiness and laughter in future.

Along the road are our auditoriums and office area.

Although these buildings are still under construction, the feeling of authority is emitting in secret.

Finally, we met the circle corridor. Each of the photos could be regarded as an artistic work.

Generally, the view of site is fabulous. Each team should prepare for the upcoming competition during the next year.

Mayor of Dezhou Chen Fei visited the site and gave advice few days ago. The mayor mentioned that we need combine it with the local reality, organize the quality resources, and use all of above to build a new window of technology, ecology, and tourism for Dezhou.