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Architectural Design Based on Rapid Construction System

Forth Year Studio for Architecture Students

Based on 2018 SD CHINA

College of Architecture, Xian University of Architecture and Technology


On the basis of the two already-participated SD in succession, Team XAUAT (Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology) has opened a studio for the Architecture students in Forth Year. With the background of SD China 2018, the theme of the Studio is the rapid construction, which is closely related to prefabricated construction. We hope that students can improve their understanding on building construction and structure through the architectural design of building elements and finally realize the combination of architectural arts and techniques. By learning in the Studio, students could have a preliminary understanding on construction industry and a general knowledge about the product specifications and construction logic of building elements so that they could be able to explore architectural design methods to realize design-assembly integration. In the meantime, students are also required to master the basic theory and design method of passive solar building design.

Students are divided into 3 groups – Wood Structure Group, Concrete Structure Group and Steel Structure Group – to conduct thematic study and design respectively. Each group shall start their design by taking the basic building element as a product. Basic structural unit is formed with basic building elements, and space unit with structural units. During the process, functional space, structural space, equipment space and climate space emerge continuously around the design and combination of basic constructions. And it is just in their co-related games, we find design. The design of component-to-component connections from the perspective of rapid construction, the generation of space and the completion of construction have embodied the realization of the integration of architectural design and construction.

The feeling shared by students after their completion of the design is the conversion of thinking pattern – They used to pay more attention to the concept of space, space manipulation, form and expression of the design. The learning of design in this studio has truly enlightened them on the significance of structure and construction to the space and the building as a whole. Composition of each piece of the wall, thickness of the pillars, the connection of beams and columns, are all integral parts of the finished architecture. They realized that architecture is a multi-disciplinary major. The appearance of two wall lines also means the occurrence of issues including materials, construction, insulation, decoration and structure.

CHEN Jing, Associate Professor, Xian University of Architecture and Technology
Faculty of Team XAUAT
ZHU Wei, Teaching Assistant, Xian University of Architecture and Technology
Faculty of Team XAUAT