Share | Team JIA +, Moments in the Summer Holiday

Today we will interview Han Shuyan, leader of Team Jia +. Now let’s listen to her telling the summer holiday story of the team .

“In the July and August of Xiamen, the sun blazing like a ball of fire, students from Xiamen University and France are still on their construction work in full swing. To speed up the progress and finish the construction by the end of August when the French fellows are to leave for home, the team fellows stay up for the construction. In accordance with the competition rules and to achieve more favorable effects, Team JIA+ makes the whole wood structure by hands not by factory manufacturing. It’s great work, requiring a lot of time and containing amounts of difficulties.”

“During the time-limited and heavy construction project, students from Xiamen University and students from France established deep friendship. During the cooperation of Chinese students and French students, it is unavoidable to meet some cultural differences. Now let’s see the opinions of Han Shuyan- leader of Team JIA+ about the cultural differences. ”

Time Concept

The French time concept is: no work while relaxing. Work is work, but people also need to relax on weekends. To cover the time-limited and heavy competition, students from Xiamen University only sleep 3-4 hours per day and continue their work on weekends. And 50 fellows even don’t go home in order to prepare for the competition.

Work Methods

Chinese college students make strict structural calculating during this construction (‘cause Chinese structural calculating is of world-level), and has high requirements for anti-seismic capability.

While French fellows rely on rich experience. They’d like to build the house first and aren’t strict with the structural calculating.

When met with some disparities, we will raise our opinions first, then both draw back one step and address the problems together.

Design Concept


Chinese fellows hold that the energy-saving section takes the main part of the competition, so the architecture concept prefers energy-conservation. While actually zero-carbon buildings are always bad-looking. Therefore, we always face a dilemma of balancing energy-conservation and artistic elegance.

While French fellows have strict requirements for architecture art and emphasis on the aesthetic beauty of design. They prefer art to technology.

So much for the differences, actually the cooperation are much more than disparities between these fellows. Since last winter holiday, the French fellows came to Xiamen University continuously. At that time, we didn’t have specific division of work, so the efficiency was not good. But the house we made agreed with the both sides. It won’t happen that the two sides work on their own and the things they make don’t fit ones of the other side.

During the cooperation, the two sides established deep friendship. In the spare time, we took part in rich and colorful team construction activities, playing Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow in English, surfing, barbecuing, etc. We have made many Chinese and French friends, which is also the point to attend SDC.