Team | Fearless for Expedition, Persistent at Benevolence — TUBS-SEU Southeast University-Braunschweig Technical University Team

We are marching towards a brand new and spacious bound
Feeling the inspiration and joy of life
Exploring the immense uncovered mysteries……
We fear no challenges,
We would never stop our benevolence!
We are Team TUBS-SEU!

Our team is led by professor Zhang Hong (dean of faculty of Architectural Science and Technology of Southeast University and director of Industrialized Residence and Architectural Industry Academy) and professor Manfred Norbert Fisch (expert of laboratory of architectural technology and physical environment of TUBS and specialist of architectural energy sustainability utilization). Both of them have rich experience and provide the team fellows powerful support and direction. Although we already have some mature technologies or even products. We still challenge ourselves for the new possibilities and explore the new model of future life–C-house.

C-house is an excellent solar house born at the time calling for the exploration of future life and the principle of advanced technology. C represents Concise, Creative, Contemporary and Continuable. We designed a core canister creatively which is put at the center of the house and could contain all the technology equipment and service functions as well as a series of control and information platforms for modern smart home.

With the strong and vigorous encouragement and support from our schools and teachers, our team make innovations boldly, stay true to our original target and cooperate effectively……

Courageous – Don’t overlook creatures in the pool, sleeping loong might hide in it.

We are ordinary graduates in school
Having never built a real house
Most of us even never know what solar architecture really is
While Gods reward the diligent
By way of SDC 2018, with probing passion
We burst out immense potential and make new possibilities……

⬆️Architectural Design Group

Before the birth of C-house, we have numerous schemes, some very mature and easy to add brilliance. C-house is very young that many challenges and unknown things about technology are waiting for us, so it is a scheme that needs to be polished through experiments. However, it is really the youth of C-house that attracts youth like us—we prefer adventures to leisure, fears no challenges and dare to create boldly on the way to success!

Continuous – In every case of successful person in the ancient time, he’s not only has excellent ability but also has gritty wills.

To challenge the unknown means making reduplicated efforts and endeavour……After finalizing the scheme, we are unremitting to achieve our goals and grow quickly during the addressing of the difficulties. With the engineering technology group as the core, we make wonders together!

⬆️Engineering Technology Group

⬆️Numerous functional tests in the laboratory

⬆️Visit and study in the steel structure factories again and again

⬆️Improving the scheme and transferring the technologies day after day

With firm will, leaps of imagination and inserting of emotion, we conquered our timidity with persistent spirits and acquired the inspiration and joy of creation in the past year and a half.

Congruous – Persistent ones don’t count on less sleep.

This is a house for market, this is a project of real construction, this is test for effective team cooperation. In the past year and a half, we overcame the geographical barriers and the time lag, trying to share and connect in the most effective ways. During the unremitting tests and improvements, we formed an effective cooperation and communication system and will develop our own information platform in the coming days. In the past year and a half, we took C-house to the market, attracting the public attention to solar architecture, enabling more people to know SDC and sharing knowledge of solar energy with more people.

⬆️Press and Liaison Group

We hold a series of solar architecture lectures

We publicize solar energy through logo voting on campus

We promote SDC and find sponsors out of the campus

We promote during the publicizing and liaison and learn and grow in the publicizing……
We trust each other, encourage each other.
We have specific divisions of work, compensate each other.
We strive together, cooperate effectively.
We address conflicts through meals ……

Up to this day, we have conquered the challenges in scheme and technology functions and are marching into the real construction phase of C-house. Thank the teachers for their selfless trust and support, thank the students for their unreserved efforts in the past!

We are team TUBSEU. We fear no expeditions and would never stop our benevolence!

We are team TUBSEU,2018 we are waiting for you!