Team | March of Team YI

Team YI, led by teachers of Yantai University of Shandong, is one of the international competition teams of SDC 2018.

The students team is divided into press group, scheme design group, technology group, team operation group, secretariat group and inner design group. All the groups work together and co-decide the scheme.

Headed by Sui Jieli, dean of School of Architecture of Yantai University, team YI is led by professor Zhengbin from School of Architecture who teaches construction energy conservation and construction technology, and directed by professor Ren Yantao, professor Wang Qingwen and professor Liu Lijun in architecture design, professor Li Mingxiang in architecture structure, professor Wang Chaomin in solar energy application and electric, professor Zhang Lingling in water supply and drainage, professor Gu Qiang in inner design, etc..

The First Note

All the fellows were very excited the minute we were informed that SDC was going to hold in Dezhou, Shandong. Later, with our teachers’ help and encouragement, we became the finalist.

As students from a local university, we are very lucky to have such an opportunity to compete with talents from international prestigious universities. And we hope that we can make the best of our advantages as well as learn from other colleges and universities so as to achieve satisfactory results and compose a perfect marching melody.


After the cut, we began our complicated and hard preparation such as team recruitment, scheme conception, finding sponsors, etc..

Our team fellows are all in their sophomore, junior or senior year. And most of us begin our learning and studying with zero basis.

Asking and addressing difficulties constantly under the help of our teachers is the our daily work.

Stepping into the Peak

The training session in Dezhou marked the coming of the peak. During the training session, we knew more about the competition information. Dr. Yi as well as other teachers cleared many confusions of us. In the training conference, we presented our model and also witnessed the excellent wisdom of other teams’ models. We really gained a lot. The visit on the competition site enabled us to know the construction scale and the revising direction of our later work. With the ending of the training session, we began our design of the building joints and the drawing of the working plan. At that night, we made immediate communication with the teachers and acquired much new knowledge.

After the training session, our team leaders held a dinner party one month after the beginning of the new semester. We discussed the scheme as well as a lot of interesting things in our study and daily life. The relaxing atmosphere deepened our relations and made our team more harmonious.

The Peak and the Ending

The construction in Dezhou is the peak of this melody. To make the construction easier, we keep learning and preparing. Although many senior fellows will leave school or the team, we still have sophomores to refresh us. We believe that our team will become stronger and stronger and compose a perfect striving melody!