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With hundreds’ years’ glory, she witnesses the exchanges of seasons
The year of 2006 saw the 200th anniversary of Beijing Jiaotong University
At this historic moment of stepping into another 60 years
BJTU announced the establishment of i-yard2.0—SDC team
Today, let’s give a grand presentation of BJTU SDC team

01 Our team is well-organized [team structure]

BJTU SDC team consists of more than 20 teachers and over 60 undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates from 10 majors of 7 schools, and is divided into design team, press team, management team and construction management team.

Project leader: Chen Feng vice president & professor BJTU

General consultant: Professor Xia Haishan, Professor Jiang Yinan

Design team: project and target market positioning, architecture design, construction drawing design, landscape and environment design, project building, structure, HAVC, electromechanical drawing design, solar energy utilization, project monitoring and simulating, project innovation, smart home

Press team: publicity, website building, activities organizing and planning, promotion material making

Management team: project management, general rate of progress management, regulation formulation, team construction, rear services, negotiating and signing contracts with the sponsors

Construction management team: architecture building, management of construction rate of progress, BIM building, quality control, safety training and guarantee

Tacit cooperation makes our work more efficient!

02 We have real meat [experience benefit]


Experiment and Test Platform Construction

Beijing Key Laboratory of Structural Wind Engineering and Urban Wind Environment, Laboratory of Architectural Physics, Solar Energy Research Center, New Energy Research Institution, Architecture Digitization Design Center give strong support to this research by proving high-end digital equipment and software and sophisticated experiment conditions.

Fruitful Research Achievements Accumulated for a Long Time

The main research team fellows have accumulated abundant research experience and made some research achievements of earlier stage, for instance, presiding over the national natural fund projects, national technology plan supporting projects, over 20 projects of Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, and publishing over 160 related theses and more than 20 academics on the international or domestic key journals and meetings.

Ecological city and green architecture research platform construction

The research team of BJTU Ecological City and Green Architecture relies on the research platforms such as the key laboratories of the national or provincial level of BJTU, Engineering Research Center, Experiment Center, Technology Transfer Center, R & D Base, Research Institute and Architecture Servery and Design Institute, Urban Plan and Design Institute.

New Energy

BJTU New Energy Institute: This institute studies the power battery application technology, wind power, PV power generation and electric system technologies, and has held the key technologies such as the management system of power lithium battery, and the design, production and estimation of the chargers. It has made prudent achievements on the battery pack application of the electric automobiles, the design of the charge station for the electric automobiles, power generation and storage of the new energy and microgrid, etc. This institute has been equipped with advanced research equipment, and has complete power batter application technology experiment platform, electric automobile charging technology laboratory and new energy power generation technology laboratory.

Research Achievements: In recent years, we have undertaken 199 scientific research tasks of all kinds including National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), Technology Support Program, National Natural Scientific Fund, the Technology Development Program of Ministry of Railways, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, etc. , among which 35 are over 3 years and 70 are foreign cooperated programs. At present, we have applied more than 40 patents, among which over 10 are patents for invention and over 20 are patents of utility models.

03 We are rigorous [work recordings]

We Love Studying

Since the foundation of our team, we have been to many places, visited many enterprises and organized many meetings and lectures. We grow in the team, and we achieve in the team.

Team visit in Hanergy Holding Group Limited

We Love Discussing

Every group in our team will have a meeting each week, reporting the progress of work, giving each other suggestions and learning from each other. Through fierce discussion, we conquer tiredness and get refreshed again.

We Love Summarizing

Every two months, we will make a summary of the previous work, promoting the understandings of the work and cooperation of the team fellows. Work together with joint efforts, isn’t joyful?

04 We are full of vitality [activities]

Despite our meticulosity in the work, we love slapstick after work. We have odd diners besides daily food, chat or movie date. We even have team celebrations on our teachers’ wedding anniversaries & team diners.

Thank SDC, thank SDC BJTU. Thank you for bringing youth with common dreams together and going for the common objective with laughters together!

05 Our team is full of love [team leaders’ ana]

Personal Information:

Lin Chunciang, BJTU, School of Architecture, doctoral candidate of the 1st year, fellow of the design team

Feelings: Less is more. Be meticulous in the work and causal in the design. BJTU is a unitive TEAM with rich creativity. SD gives us a great platform to fully present our design, blend our concept in I-Yard2.0, and make every detail of the design fit like a glove. Every innovation, every addressing of the problem, every fierce debate, all make our work better, our team more united.

Personal Information

Liu Xiaotong, BJTU, municipal engineering, doctoral candidate of the 1st year, fellow of the press team

Feelings: I’m very honoured to be engaged in this team the time when I just entered the campus. I’m very lucky to be in such a big scale competition which enables me to experience the whole real construction. BJTU SDC is very cozy. Many team members helped me to familiarize the situations and the project when I just entered. Under their help, I quickly adapted to this team. I hope I can give my strength to i-yard2.0 in every aspect with the knowledge I’ve acquired. I see, thus I’m. I hope we can work together and see the growth of our little house in the coming days.

Personal Information:

Zhou Zishan, BJTU, Architecture, Master Degree Candidate of the 3rd year, fellow of management team

Feelings: I’m very honoured to be a member of i-Yard since its establishment. In the past year and a half, happiness and pains coexisted. From the time when we interviewed the first batch of fellows excitedly and uneasily to days when we gradually become shoulder-to-shoulder companies, the time we working together is very meaningful for us in addition to the increasing of our knowledge. I have deeper understanding of SDC during my explanation of SD and i-Yard to my schoolmates, companions, friends and even my families. It is really cool by just hearing it. With it, my graduate life has a different color. Indeed, I once felt puzzled, but I still make it to this day. I hope I could grow with i-Yard until we present it on Dezhou SDC competition site. PS. When there is a “kill”, we and even our teachers will lost sleep because of excitement. We are definitely enthusiastic.

Personal Information:

Han Changdai, BJTU, Architecture, Master Degree Candidate of the 2nd year, fellow of management team

Feelings: What SDC brings to us is growth and exploration on the road. I hope we could take care of the younger team fellows and grow with them, and make BJTU SDC full of joy and coziness.

Personal Information:

Dai Shujian, BJTU, Architecture, Master Degree Candidate of the 1st year, fellow of design team

Feelings: BJTU SDC is a cradle that cultivates our growth and home that warms us. It is a rare treasure for our architecture career. I’m very lucky to be in this team. Here, you can see the teachers and students working passionately, and you can learn others’ lengths and find your own shortcomings. It is very interesting to finish this project with common objective!

Personal Information:

Li Lingfeng, BJTU, Digital Media, Master Degree Candidate of the 1st year, fellow of press team

Feelings: From junior life to the 1st year of graduate life, SD gives me too much. Every minute in BJTU SD team has become part of my life. The people I know, the things I experienced, will all become the most unforgettable part of my campus life, accompanying me in my growth.

Personal Information:

Zhang Danyang, BJTU, Architecture, Master Degree Candidate of the 1st year, fellow of structure team

Feelings: My graduate life started from SDC2018-BJTU……From 7.14, 2017 to 8.14, 2017, I seemed to have experienced a month full of tales: from feeling strange to everything to struggling to adapt to each work and to beginning to give play to myself actively during the learning and communication. Yes, it’s lucky that I’ve premilinarily been in this team. For other fellows in this team, it may be just a short time of the long-time SD, but for me, it is the starting point of my graduate life in BJTU. In this team, every one has their own strength and enormous power, just like sparks of fire, ready for starting a prairie fire at any time for a common objective……I’m very lucky to be in this team. In the coming year, I will treasure days growing with SDC2018-BJTU, and try to make this solar house integrating hundred people’s dreams more powerful!

Personal Information:

Wang Wanlin, BJTU, Architecture, undergraduate of the 5th year, fellow of the design team

Feelings: I have no idea what the role of SDC plays in your heart. It is so complex and consumes so much materials, labors and efforts, with about 100 people weaving back and forth for such a small house. We may end with nothing after sparing all the efforts. One alone can’t finish the task, and a group of people may also fail it. The regulations of this competition are complex and hard to understand. There is a mountain of difficulties, which stops some people by just hearing that. But it is also because of this that it can satisfy you whether you want to practice yourself or to make some benefits through this competition. We have no experience and preparation for SD, just like crossing the river by feeling the stones. But I can promise that you would never regret by participating in SD, and you will never have another chance like this during your undergraduate studies or even graduate studies. We will gain a lot from this experience. This course may be very hard for us, but it won’t be hard all the way. Through this cooperation, I get to know your specialties and I’m very appreciated about your tolerance and inclusiveness, and I hope we can create a satisfying work together, leaving no pity for our life.

Personal Information:

Huang Jie, BJTU, Architecture, undergraduate of the 5th year, fellow of design team

Feelings: The reason why I chose architecture is because I’m fascinated with the intelligence of others involved in this area. Design is never about repeating the things having been done or taking a test having fixed answers. Besides, architecture design enables me to see with my own eyes, measure with my own feet and create with my own hands. In my freshman year, I made my first architecture model, in my sophomore year, I stayed up in the classroom drawing, and in my junior year, I started our own design team with my partners.

Joining in SD is like having pressed the speed button of my life, I’ve experienced all the things I had intended to do in the following several years such as preparing architecture structure materials, co-designing with partners of other majors, negotiating with the sponsors, drawing construction maps etc. Besides, I have deeper understanding of architecture, and more importantly, I get to know a lot of people, who are so different from me, inspire me with their creativeness and fascinate me so much.

Personal Information:

Shi Lei, BJTU, Architecture, undergraduate of the 5th year, fellow of design team

Feelings: SDC hasn’t a quick fix; SDC is destined to perform.

Cooperative Nervous Serious Active
Dezhou 2018 We’re ready!