Team | Brothers together, Their Strength Can Cut through the Mental — Team SJTUIUC

Team SJTUIUC, made up by students and professors from Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU)and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC), is an international team of SDC 2018. Its team fellows are undergraduates and graduates from the various schools of SJTU and UIUC (such as architecture, environmental arts, design, gardening, civil engineering, electric, machinery, Antai management, jurisprudence, foreign language, etc). The team is divided into ten sections, namely architecture designing (architecture + domestic designing), landscape designing, engineering structure, BIM, HAVC, energy system, smart house, propaganda, finance management, marketing respectively. The ten sectors work together and cooperate with each other.

Teachers of this team is led by Zhu Jian, deputy secretary of CPC of SJTU. Professor Huang Jianyun, dean of school of architecture of SJTU and professor Wang Xinlei of UIUC are the leaders of the teachers. The advisers team includes professor Du Yucun, Professor Xuan Huang and professor Zhang Huibo from school of architecture, professor Yang Jian (one of the Top Ten Excellent Teachers of Kai Yuan), professor Zhang Shiwen and professor Hu Yan from school of electrics, professor Zhai Xiaoqiang and professor Yu Lijun from school of maneuvering, professor Song Xuming— deputy secretary of CCYL Committee, etc. The consultant team includes professor Liu Xila, professor Wang Ruzhu, professor Zhang Jian, professor Shen Wenzhong, Mr Han Jianming— deputy secretary of Shanghai Solar Energy Academy, etc, giving professional suggestions to this team.

The specialty of our team is that we have harmonious team atmosphere. Talking about that, what occurs to my mind first is “brothers with the same heart can make the sword broken”. “Brother” is the best word to describe the relations of our team fellows (Of course, “brother” here is not only limited to boys). For various chances, several young people having dreams meet in team SJTUIUC, conquer the hardships in their work, drink and talk together, and gradually become brothers. It is really a life romance!

While since the ancient China, “brothers”is always tied with “wine”. our team also has a drinking culture which runs through all the stages of this competition.


It was in the summer holiday of 2016 that our team was really formed in Shandong, and we could call it the first meet of the “brothers”. All this began at the first training session in Dezhou and the team research work in Qingdao.

During one banquet in Qingdao, we opened our heart. We drank and talked until drunk, but we made tight relations during those days. This relation is of great importance to tighten our team.

Knowing Each Other


After the summer holiday, our team fellows experienced many other tests except the scheme and sponsoring, such as the change of the leading teachers, the delay of the final time of this competition etc. In the hardest time, our team nearly broke up. But with our concerted efforts, we finally conquered all of the hardships one by one.

It is our team tradition that we have a feast after finishing one periodical target, which can not only relax and reward us, but also deepen our relations. During the feast, we talk about almost everything over the drink from some serious topics such as real estate industry, national policies, future plans, romance, careers etc, to some informal topics such as some gossips, constellations and religions. As we are from many different majors such as architecture, civil engineering, media and design and machinery, our thoughts always collide into sparks, because of that, it is very rare for us to lack topics. Once we even talked from 6 pm to 2 am— 8 hours in total, the longest chatting time.

In the winter holiday of 2017, five fellows, namely Ryan, George, Turbold, Connor and Rohan, from UIUC came to STJU and had a good time with us. Of course, a feast of brother is a must.


In the summer holiday of 2017, many fellows of our team face the pressure such as graduation, internships and work, have to leave the team and give the work to new fellows. We hope that the new members can also make brother-like relations and inherit and promote the team’s spirit and mission!