2018.8 – Dezhou


All participants of the Solar Decathlon China 2018 shall be registered. You will need to send all the relevant information to support@sdchina.org.cn to register. The registration shall be complete in advance of the competition from May 1st to June 1st.

Access to the Solar Decathlon China 2018 during the assembly period will be prohibited without proper registration and personal protective equipment (which includes, at minimum, a hard hat, safety glasses, a shirt with at least 3-in. sleeves, long pants, and hard-toe boots). During the competition period those without proper registration can only access to the Solar Decathlon China 2018 as visitors.

Registration Types

Solar Decathlon registration categories are described below. If you are not sure which category to use, contact support@sdchina.org.cn.

  • Team Members: Enrolled students, recent graduates, faculty members, and other people affiliated with one of the participating schools.
  • Special Personnel
    • Special Guests: People who are specially invited as VIP guests to participate the competition and/or other related events.
    • Media: Invited members of the media (the media tour must schedule an escort).
    • Event Sponsors: Staff of the enterprises who are participating in the Solar Decathlon China 2018 by any means of sponsoring the competition and/or other subsequent events.
    • Team Sponsors: Staff of the enterprises who are participating in the Solar Decathlon China 2018 by any means of sponsoring the competing teams.
  • Competition Officers
    • Jurors: All invited judges for the Architecture, Engineering, Market Appeal, Communications, and innovation contests.
    • Organizers and Staff: Officers of the Solar Decathlon China Organizing Committee, Dezhou Organizing Committee, and other assistant officers.
    • Volunteers: A group of people who provide voluntary services for Solar Decathlon China 2018.
  • Third-Party Staff
    • Property Management, Cleaning and Security Staff: The third-party professionals who are responsible for the management, cleaning, and security of the competition site and its surrounding facilities, infrastructures, and public areas.
    • Team Crew: The third-party professionals who come along with the teams to provide technical supports for the team’s house assembling, on-site construction and other relevant services.
    • Site Constructors: The third-party professionals designated by the organizers to assist the organizers and staff to assemble or disassembly the event facilities and infrastructure on the competition site and surrounding areas.

Required Forms

See the chart below for the forms required for each registration type.

 Verification of Eligibility To Be a Team MemberWaiver of LiabilityEmergency Medical ReleasePhotoSigned Parental Consent
(Under 18)
Competition OfficersXXX
Third Party StaffXXX
Temporary Access Right GuestsXXX
Team MembersXXXXX

To submit the required forms:

  • Print out and compile the applicable documents, and submit the electronic editions:
    • Waiver of Liability – 03. Release and Waiver of Liability Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement
    • Emergency Medical Release – 04. Emergency Medical Release Form
    • Parental Consent (as required for individuals under 18)
    • Eligibility documents (as required for Decathletes)
      • A copy of his or her current transcript (or equivalent)
      • A copy of his or her diploma
      • A letter from the registrar’s office on official institution letterhead that clearly states which of the three eligibility criteria the individual meets (including name, gender, major, department, grade, nationality, passport number)
    • Passport style photo (the photo shall be in color and with white or off-white background; the recommended size is 48mm x 33mm)
  • Complete form 02.Summary, which shall be signed by the faculty advisor and stamped with the official seal. The signature is as follows:

The above XX (quantity) members are members of Team XX (team name) participating in the Solar Decathlon China 2018. Advisor: XXX (signature of the faculty advisor).

  • Submit the forms, eligibility documents (as required for Decathletes) and passport style photo.
  • Register by June 1st.

Event ID Photo Requirements

  • At onsite registration, you will receive an event identification card to permit you access to the Solar Decathlon China site.
  • The identification card will include a photo, which must be submitted as part of online registration.
  • Because of the large number of event participants who pick up IDs at the All-Team Meeting, if we do not have your documents and photo ahead of time, we may not be able to process your event identification card at this time.

Helpful Hints

Past Solar Decathlon teams have found efficient ways to complete their registrations. Here are a few hints:

  • Put one person in charge of collecting completed forms and photos.
  • Create a spreadsheet to track who has registered online and turned in completed forms and photos.
  • Set up a photo shoot day when all team members have their photos taken. This gives a uniform look to all photos. Have team members wear their team uniforms.
  • Name your team documents and photos in a logical way that identifies both your name and team. For example, for the first member of Team JIA+, John Smith’s, the files would be named: 1101_Team JIA+_Smith_Photo.
  • Send all completed forms and photos to support@sdchina.org.cn so we receive them by June 1st.

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